Ukrainian language instruction is beneficial to both students who are learning Ukrainian as a second language, as well as to those who speak it as their first language.

There is much research in second language learning that suggests many benefits of learning a second language including: improvement of general academic skills, understanding of other cultures and improvement of first language skills.  Similarly, retaining Ukrainian as a first language and continuing to learn in that language and develop print literacy skills is also very important to second language acquisition, as well preserving culture and identity.  

Sadochok instruction uses a variety of tools, resources and activities to teach Ukrainian language and culture (some examples can be seen in the schedule section).  Students get the opportunity to interact with other children and build social skills, as well as learn basic classroom skills in preparation for Kindergarten.   Although student results will differ (since classroom time is minimal and some students are exposed to Ukrainian at home, while others are not), students will experience hearing the Ukrainian language, learning Ukrainian songs and learning some vocabulary.  Some language themes in the classroom include (for example): numbers (to 10), animals, colours, greetings and basic commands (such as sit down, clean up, come here and so forth).