Frequently Asked Questions - General
FAQs - General
How do we contact Sadochok?

Through email to regsadochok@yahoo.ca.

What age do the children need to be?

The usual age of children is 3 to 5 years old but we are flexible on starting age so please contact us with your situation.

Do children need to be potty trained in order to attend?

Potty training is preferred; however, if you would still like to have your child attend and they are not potty trained, they can still attend if a parent/grandparent/etc. remains at the school during the class.

I have been trying to contact the school but there is no response?

A delayed response could be due to a number of factors, but rest assured that you will get a response. We only have one paid staff member and that is the teacher. All other positions are voluntary and, as such, a delayed response could be a result of vacation, a family situation or just challenges to a volunteer's personal schedule.

What days are classes? What time?

Classes currently run on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

What are the charges for classes?

If your child attends classes two times per week the cost is $60 per month; if they attend one time per week the cost is $30 per month.  Payment is made per semester and can be paid all at once at in September and January or monthly through postdated cheques (preferred) or cash.

Where are classes held?

The classroom is located at 1106 McNiven Avenue (Selo Gardens) Regina.

How involved do parents need to be?

We ask that a parent, grandparent or other adult family member volunteer as a Teacher helper for each class. There is a form on the bulletin board at the back of the room where you can indicate which class you will be able to help with. Also we ask that parents assist with lunch requirements for certain functions such as the Christmas concert and the end of year concert?

When can my child start classes?

Classes start in September for Session 1 and in January for Session 2 but we are very flexible with start dates so if you miss one of these dates please just contact us and we will determine a start date that fits with your schedule and if this is mid-month the first month fees will be pro-rated.

How do I find out about school activities?

Newsletters are provided through the year which will indicate special events such as concerts, perogy making, paska making. The newsletter will also note any days that there will be no classes such as the Christmas and Easter breaks where we try to align as close as possible to the various school systems. The newsletter will also indicate the end of session 1 and the start of session 2.